Kings’ Queen

She called him baby more times than Ashanti. She also cursed his ass more times than a pirate living in a shanty. She has been with the king of blues. With whom she has rock and rolled to the Buganda tunes that had king Kabaka chasing her chibaka. She once had a king called Lee who she Bruced with the dragon fist that clawed with the treasure the shanty pirate stole. She left him for one called Kong whose song resonated not from his chest nor the pirates treasure chest.

A descendant of one of Mumbi’s nine daughters, a daughter who married the prince from one of the nine villages. This meant she inherited eighteen personalities no one could envisage. A queen who turned a super-sheet-sex-teen when she celebrated her super-sweet-sixteen. Her palace became my place and by chance you could drink from her chalice. Wine, dine the night and get dynamite. Adopt a queen. Rent a queen. Everything glittered. Her style and fashion changed but class is permanent and hers was not. She forgot kings as soon as they got up. She never got her prince charming with whom she would have tied that knot. Rather, the only knot she knew was with her tongue. She knew more strokes than the Dunford brothers. With her kings, she would sire heartbreaks and shock wives, other queens and mothers.

I run no kingdom but I have walked among kings. My kingdom fell before I inherited it. Never merited by my wisdom that would fail from my frail effort to refuse her like many men and kings before me. After all this, I am still prepared to go to war for my queen. She will lead me and I will follow. My mellow moods will never make me sorrow. And when I wake up next to her tomorrow, in her king-size bed with her silky sheets, I will be shitting u if I lied and told you that I will not meet some other king coming up the stairway. However, Kings don’t shy away. They might stray but they will find their way home. That queen is in season. Some reason that may lead some kings to treason. I will bow to her even though she bows to many. I sing, salute and ululate, but sadly I might hail that queen until they drive in that last nail. That queen bitch!


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