Miss Ihet Chu

There’s this gal who was a pal from around the park. Now she’s stark raving mad and would stab me in the dark.
She hates the way I talk,
She hates the way u walk,
She hates us, our children, your chickens and the hawk that stalks them.

She eluded baby steps and got off to a sprint. Her stint with the law later made her crawl on her knees with pleas to her in-laws for her flaws. If she’d had love she wouldn’t waste it she’d wish time were on her hand like a bracelet. She needs love the way a flower needs water the same way a decision needs instinct. She thought it was gonna live forever so she didn’t cry when he said his goodbyes. So she missed it.

When she didn’t need him he always came around when she did need him he couldn’t be found. Here are my velvet ballads that orchestrate the hate and imbalance left by the bastard. Where does she go from here? Nowhere! The world outside is down never on the upside. Food for thought whenever thoughts were good. To live is evil spelled backwards! To love is evol spelled backwards too! No wonder she never got a head start it was preordained, more like doomed. That’s why she’s committed many sins. Seen too much, been all over. Needs a lover or one to love her.

She hates me coz I’m like us all. She’s jilted but would still fall for u whether you’re small or tall whether its spring or fall. She cant let u go and its funny how she let’s u know. She has shed tears that rekindle fears that have sheltered in her for years.

Get her flowers to spring the air, the smell of life to fill everywhere. Get her a garden with viola’s blooming and violas tuning and tulips to grow. Let daffodils dance heel to toe. Here is my outstretched arm to take her away from harm. It will heal with time. She will be just fine.


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