Tales from Buruklyn

Welcome to Buruklyn where everything is fly you’d think we are 540. Come with your fears and your years u might forfeit. This is my Eastlands School of Thought, my E.S.T.

A 24/7 city where the haves are shifty and the have nots are thrifty. 23 reasons to bolster your Ego and 58 ways to soar like an eagle. Know your shit. Dumb it down but never the heat and never mute your flute. Focus. Forecast the swag and the ambition to change from rags to riches. Wave that flag embroidered with stitches. The Buruklyn republic, with a culprit MP and leaders fighting at the pulpit. Punks with their buje buje trousers raised to their armpits.

Don’t be fooled by the empty pockets they have cash stashed in their back-packs. Gifted eye-sockets, that x-ray your pockets with sharp tongues and words you’d never forget. Learn the lingua its the new lingo. Varsatile is the style and boy, the big ego.

Kenya kuna matata. Kenya kuna matatu. Kenya watu hutembea watatu. Kenya kuna waganga. Kenya kuna wajanja. Thats not a flower garden, boy thats ganja. Thats not a pair brown of trousers, mse hizo ni mapaja.

Its buruklyn better than brokelyn and the folklore is a brokelore playing its role.

No more play grounds, but backgrounds of shadows with legs up high and backs on grounds. Its the new jack city with a knee jerk shitting.


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