Breaking Beds to Break Bread..

Truth be told, there is this old killer habit that never dies. A habit embraced with lies a habit that plies within the society, within villages and in the big city. Meet them often at the corners. Some are graduates with honours bracing the cold, glancing at on coming cars, waving and smiling as they approach. They will strike a pose or throw you a rose. Who should we blame? Are we exempted from reproach? These tales remind us of choices and chances expected. For every hoot, every raving engine, every flashing light brings about hope and expectation. The man hopes for pleasure. The girl hopes that the pressure will go away. She has bills to pay. Maybe she was molested. Some girls are just orphans. Some just want to play. She will do just about anything to break bread in the morning; he will do just about anything to see her break beds moaning. This after all is the infamous Koinange Street, Nairobi’s red light district.

You are spoilt for choice regardless of your age, tribe, race, the size of your wallet, your swagger, your name or your game. This is where many men go to rejoice and abuse their little freedom away from that cage be it a boarding school, a church or that marriage. School boys, married men, priests, members of parliament, the haves and have-nots the same.

Remember how at first, you used to cruise around probably eight of you jammed in a 5 seater, late in the night, high like kites. Uncouth, you have never been that knight in shining armour. There was no honour, you were just high school or college kids rather, looking for a happy hour. You would pass by that pub get a bottle of liquor. Pick up one girl on K-street, or try to. Still, there is no change hitherto this absurd behaviour. Some never paid. They just got laid. Some used them, abused them living life in the fast lane; makes you wonder whether you were insane. And the question, did you use protection?

It was routine to cruise around town before hitting the clubs downtown looking for a good time. Club-hopping from pub to pub, crossing from street to street sometimes just to get a glimpse. They don’t discriminate whether you are underage or not. It’s the wallet that does the talking. She does not want coffee dates, dinner or any wooing. But in the morning you will be ruing. You will curse when you recollect your previous night’s foolery. It might be too late to correct.

This Street, therefore, was and still is, a sad place to reprieve: a foolish way to relieve your stress, your pain, your anger or your frustration. We try to re-live the years that pass us by. Like fools needing to learn and the street is the teacher: a teacher with a harsh lesson. A lesson that we seem to never learn. We get burnt, we get hurt, the girls earn from it, some of us try to run from it. But most of the time we run with it.

What is it about these streets? Skimpy clad women of all ages, size and complexion. Filthy rich men of all ages, size and religion. They all pass by regardless of their wealth and status; regardless of their health status. For a fee, for free. Is it because of pain? Or maybe there are those who gain. I don’t know. Choose to let go. This path, this street’s wrath is real and death is not discreet.

We whisper about it, we whimper because of it. We leave wives and kids behind; sometimes we come back to them. Some times we don’t. You see, you pay her to lay her but life plays her to slay you. She will give you a good time for ten minutes and give heartaches to your loved ones for eons when they visit your grave. Be brave. Whether it’s an STI or HIV, this red light district with its predators will get you.



4 Responses to “Breaking Beds to Break Bread..”

  1. May 10, 2010 at 8:35 pm


    This guy is a g
    (genius that is)

    Great article man!

    • May 11, 2010 at 2:21 pm

      Thank u Banders..

  2. May 21, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    when the truth is told we get afraid of what is or what would be said,but when u say it in plain English (is i would say)all is easy to understand and take in…love this

  3. May 21, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    :-)… Luv & respect..

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